We.. Create, Grow, Wholesale, Export, Retail FRESH Cut Orchids and Plants

About Us

The company incorporated in 1988 to put the business in Orchid Production and Orchid Export of over 30 years together under one roof. The wealth of experience in the orchid production by TOP Orchids and the Export Track record of TOH Orchids has been the foundation for THE ORCHIDS PEOPLE ( S ) PTE LTD to expand into a “ A to Z” company in the Orchid Business.


of the orchid business ~ from research and development of new hybrids, production, wholesale, export, and retail of orchids. These involvement in every stage in the orchid cultivation, together with the company’s Assurance Certification Scheme allows a continual and consistent supply of top quality orchid products to all our customers.

Our Tissue Culture Laboratory specializes in the germination of seed pods of new crossings, and creating new hybrids – both for orchid cut-flowers and potted orchids. 

Our total commitment, supported with research & development, facilities, technology & innovation, assure our consistent standard for quality and regular supply.

The company recognizes quality services and the different needs and requirements of customers. Our team of highly trained, motivated and committed staffs, equipped with strong product knowledge is ready to service your orchid needs.

We supply top quality orchid products including Potted Orchids and Art Orchids, besides the renown wide range of varieties and colors of top quality Orchid cut-flowers. 

All enquiries Welcome